The picture was taken less than a month ago, at the University Health Service (UPLB), Sam's first victory against pneumonia (which will return not more than two weeks later).

Blog Pimpin'

Pointing you to...
the backpacker.

i plan to welcome every new blogger i discover. Sige na nga. Friendster is your friend. hehe.


a modified repost from Hannah's blog

Work hard and take care of Sam.
Make Sam's life as happy as possible.
Focus on the joys not the sorrow.
Pray, pray and pray that he doesn't suffer much.
Pray, pray and pray for a miracle ( if only he'll survive to sit in a wheelchair ).
Prepare for our goodbye.
When we do say goodbye remember that someday I'll see him again and get to kiss and hug him.

Still hardest thing to do is to let go...


Couple... Congrats Pat and Chico. Wish we were there with you on that very special occasion. :) Our best Wishes and Hope for the Manasan family.

On parenthood

If you know me then you know how comic i could be. I can make fun of almost anything, even of the things about Sam - you know, about me not being his real father and all (i mean, look at the looks!) and it's funny. When he got pneumonia last time, no matter how worried i really got, when i see Sam i feel good and optimistic, and i can still make funny jokes. Partly because he's such a really cute baby (sorry fo being too proud, but for those who haven't seen him, you're missing something. :p ), but mostly because i sort of made a pact with myself to be always like child-like. Be funny. be funny, and be funny. And it has really helped me in a big, albeit subtle way.

Then it happens. I don't know what gave. Maybe it's the forever increasing total amount of time that i've been a father, maybe it's the tiring sight of our son in the hospital bed. I don't know. It just happened. This morning when Sam got into my mind i felt pain. and sadness. Suddenly i can't be funny anymore, even if i try to. Suddenly the "sana ako na lang" phrase speaks for the deepest sentiments of my heart. Suddenly i ask why he's there and not at home, playing, sleeping sound and enjoying a helluva time of his babyhood. Suddenly i felt like crying cried.

I pray that Sam gets well, soon. I pray that he suffers no more. I pray that I would soon see him playing happily with his "funny" papa, and I pray that through all these times God carries him and heals him. And this time I pray for everyone, specially for you guys who have prayed, and have been praying for us. I feel really touched and blessed for the support, i want to give back the favor. Whatever it is that's holding you down at this moment, whatever fears, whatever doubts, whatever pain that you're feeling, I pray that God holds you and give you strength and see you through it. He would.


Hi guys. we need your prayers. This morning sam was having a difficult time breathing. He's in PGH now, and hopefull ok. We were really scheduled for bronchoscopy tomorrow but it turns out his pneumonia is back...

Yun lang po. Thanks and Good day to all.

Which one?

It's no secret that i admire google, and that hannah loves neopets.

was doing this post more than an hour ago before hannah called about Sam's condition. Posting it anyway just to keep things light. :)


They are called trackbacks outside the Google Blogger world. Almost all blogging tools that i know has this feature already, and now, after 10 years (pinoy idiom alert!), Blogger finally has it too. And they call it tadaan... backlinks. :)

Until blogger makes a decent and kick-ass comment management system for the whole Blogger network, back links will handle blog conversations just fine. Got something to say about what someone posted (say, instant messengers, hehe) that's more than the usual "great post!", "cool!", " astig"? Ah... screw that comment box! stand more firmly about your opinion. Blog it, then reference to the original blog post by linking to it.

Backlinks can be turned on and set up automatically at the comments section of your settings, but if you have a customised template and the auto-update fails you (and lamely uses your customized page as an excuse for its failure) , then this help page can help you (genius! kaya nga help page eh.) set it up.

Got that? Make the web work! link! ...signing off

Instant Messengers

You've probably heard the big news roaming around blogs and news sites these past few days. Microsoft and Yahoo are cooperating to make their IM networks interoperable. Nice. Users win again. But I'm not too excited about it. Not only because i only have a few contacts on MSN (nikki, jae, hannah and her sister ate noemi), but also because i'm too much of a skeptic to believe that this is about the users, or interoperability. I think this about forming an alliance first, interop is just the means. Okay, so shoot me, and I would really glad to be wrong. MSN and Yahoo are rallying up to stand firmly and united against the IM market share giant - AOL (in the US, not here in the Philippines - we're a Yahoo country). And at the same time, this is a preemptive move against Google. Maybe they're both sick of getting kicked in their butts, they decided to join their butts together. heh.

Seriously. Google called for interoperability when it started Google talk. They freakin' used jabber protocol (xmpp) so that other clients (iChat, Gaim, Trillian, etc) can login to Google talk 's network without using the Google-developed client. Server-to-server interop was missing in the current version of Talk but their developers have stated that it is in the works so that later on, Google talk users can interact with the users of other jabber-based Networks. If you know about jabber, then you'd know that using its protocol is the way towards interoparibility. That is what's jabber is all about. For the voice part, Google has also been making headways to make it work with other clients. A month ago they hired Gaim's lead developer and this is what he said, from the Gaim news page:

I (Sean) have been hired by Google, moved to Seattle, and have been working on the Google Talk team for about a month and a half. The goal of Google Talk is to make real-time communication as open as possible, and in that regard, I've been working to offer all of Google Talk's features into other clients. Currently, I'm working on making it as easy as possible for other clients to use Google Talk's voice features. You can expect Gaim and other clients to be interoperable with Google Talk's voice features in the near future.
emphasis mine.

So here's the thing. When Yahoo and MSN joined the IM space (which was dominated by AOL/AIM then), they also called for interop with the giant, but AOL refused. So now fast forward into the present, Yahoo and MSN have both amassed their own millions of users. Do they heed their own calls for IM interoperability (and openness?) heck no. They blindly assume that Yahoo and MSN is the whole IM world and that by making their networks interoperable, they are being open. I think there's a big difference between forming an alliance and being really open.

To end, why push for an open and interoperable Instant Messenger world? Simple. So that everyone can take compatibility and lock in issues out the table and focus instead on innovating and adding features. So you don't have to use Yahoo for the reason that your friends are on the network, but because you see features on its client that are not found on other networks. Competition...: and the users win.

Trying to do something what no blogger has ever done before

post in the middle of your midnight shower. hehe. (towel + shampoo + soap all over). I'm not kidding. hahaha.

a minute later....
%$@#$ 20mg/g nizoral got into my eyes. I tried my best to hit the publish button but hit save to draft instead. gack. that was painful...


Choose whatever fits you.

() Pray for him
() Wish him luck

Go! go! go! cel.

thanks nik, for the reminder.

What? Me? Excited?

Gad. I peed on my pants. seriously (joking).

iPod. with Video.
iTunes 6
new iMac. with Built-in iSight and included remote plus a new app called FrontRow that's similar to the "media center' shell in Windows XP Media Center edition, but the UI simpler. predictable. heh.

and the best expected gift of my day:
Ubuntu Breezy.

Now allow me to shriek like a girl.


Post NOT Secret

I'm a freakin' procrastinator.

And the kick-ass work that I do loses it's kick-assness because of that.
There. Step one. :)

(This is what I'm saying... I almost stopped from writing this because I god distracted.)

But still. the journey starts here. From where I am.

Yahoo Podcasts, Google Bookmarks

Yahoo enters the Podcasting mania (Steve Jobs, Yahoo is freakin' serious...) and adds blog content to its News search. So far the general reviews are not that good. It doesn't hold a candle against dedicated blog search engines such as Google, Technorati, Icerocket, Bloglines and others. Well, it's beta and following after Google Reader beta, beta services finally feels like real beta services again (read:incomplete, clunky, blah blah)

Google upgrades its Search History feature. now you can mark websites in you search history as bookmarks. They use the same "star" metaphor just like they do in their other services. And yep, labels tags are now supported. Label auto-suggest is really useful, though not something new. TIP: labeling pages with homepage adds those pages to your Personalized Home Page's Bookmarks section. You can also add notes.

TIP: Get Album Art from iTunes Music Store

You need iTunes for the Itunes Music Store URL, Internet connection, and this link.


Also availabe: iTunes Music Store Videos and Trailers (host-the-code yourself).

If you're reading this more than a month from the date I posted this, then I can't promise you that the links are still working.

more on the Google Reader

I was planning to do a comprehensive review of the Google Reader, but for now I'll just point you to Google Blogoscoped for an excellent piece. (though i might do my own take on it later).

I have this feeling that this time the Google magic didn't work on me well, Yes, the service is uber-cool because of AJAX wizardry and all, but I feel that there's something wrong with the UI. Maybe it's the lack of proper context to differentiate between a blog and a blog entry, i'm not sure. I need more testing...

Google Reader

Yep, I use an RSS aggregator, bloglines, but I have been waiting for a major upgrade to the service, because its abuse of the submit button makes the UI feel so web 1.0-ish. Blame it on Gmail and Flickr (and a lot of other AJAX apps), for upping the ante in web UI. Then later on a newer service promised to deliver what blogines lack, but it was an invite-only beta service and its name got buried in my 891-mb gmail archive.

Now my wait is freakin over. And as usual (this trend is getting boring you know), Google saves the day.

Google Reader.
All your subscriptions are belong to you*.

It's a beta service, and requires a google account. But it's from Google, so it must be good, right? hehe. Now, unlike most things google that are in beta state, so far the service feels a little clunky. Your mileage may vary though, since i have not fully tested the service. But so far, it's Goodbye bloglines for me. awww. I'll miss the bloglines plumber.

*not the real slogan. :P


My search for a windows xp serial number led me to this...

FCKGW at wikipedia

just to be clear, im no installing them back sa shop. it's for someone else's pc. :p


Congratulations and Welcome, Pat and Chico ;)

(kahit na nahuli ako sa balita)

Google and Sun: the world will change this week

I'm hearing a web office based on OpenOffice. If this is true, then this is BIG.
Microsoft: the shit hath hit the fan.

The title, by the way, came from a recent post on Jonathan Schwartz's weblog.


You can go directly to a page by typing a URL in the Search field of the Google Toolbar (firefox version; I don't know for the other version)

Warner Execs are Greedy. So Says Steve Jobs. I agree.

After apple saved their asses from the onslaught of P2P, here's what they do in return.

Music Industry Threatens to Pull Plug on Apple


via slashdot

shipit good!

nananananan, you must shipit.... (to the tune of I freakin' forgot the title, but its an 80's disco song...)

ping nikki. ping nap. ping mars. ping han. ping angel. ping migs. ping everyone! shipit now accepting orders for ubuntu breezy! w00t!


while preparing to uninstall OpenOffice1.1 from an ubuntu installation (2 beta rocks), i just noticed the official ubuntu packages for the OpenOffice 2 repositories. Thinking that ubuntu-OpenOffice integration is always nice, tried installing it. Was so excited and giddy about giving it a first whirl when this abomination greeted me:

i almost puked.
apt-get remove....NOW!

I'm happy with my unofficial builds. Btw, good news. OpenOffice has RC builds (Release Candidates) now. I can smell the good times comin'... Screw borg-ware! heh.