My Firefox bookmarks just vanished when i woke up this morning... I have no idea what happened.My extensions are intact, History is intact,themes are intact (though when i opened it now it's no longer using the custom theme that i set last night). The toolbar has also been reset to the default config. tsk tsk.

I miss this place...

picked up thru flickr tag searching... the picture belongs to zedric00's photostream

Yh bys filckr!

Yahoo + flickr 1
Google 0

It was just a month ago when nikki and I were daydreaming of Google buying flickr (we always root for the home team!). Well, only the buy part came true. Yahoo was faster. :D

At least it was not Microsoft. heh.

The bad part of this is that the picasa - flickr integration that I was wishing for would never happen now.

Yahoo, prepare to be flickrized!. And by the way, just in case you still haven't heard of it, Yahoo is also on the brink of launching a blog+socialnetworking+photos kind of service, dubbed Yahoo 360!. Imagine the possibilities...

Lastly... Thesis defense in less than an hour. (argh!) Prayers please...

Blog about blogger...

Just saw this from blogger's dashboard.

Blogger Buzz (where the March 17th post says something about improving blogger's performance).

In the spirit of being fair, I won't believe it till I actually experience it. For the mean time. w.bloggar is saving me a lot of time...

And if you're having problems with blogger, did you know that there's a Blogger Status blog?. Hosted (of course) outside of Blogger so that we can still access it should blogger becomes inaccessible...

geek post...

Okay. Please believe me when i say that i really really really tried not to post this. Obviously I failed...

A post that I saw in slashdot. At this point i'd like to give emphasis on that part of their slogan which says:...stuff that matters...

you have been warned. The post is here

Welcome Back DJ!

I was preparing my sage list (exclusively for pisay98. woot!) when i got distracted after trying to find an RSS feed on DJ's blog and i came across his Pics gallery (from his website actually, not from the blog).... At first dapat i-email ko si DJ (if you're reading this, hi DJ!) pero naisip ko na since we're (almost) all mature people na din naman this could pass as a safe joke.. hehe

Okay Exhbit A. 5th pic on his pisay noventa y ocho gallery. Focus on the caption... hmm.

Tingin ko lang tol may nakalimutan ka.. hehehe

(let's see if DJ can update the caption before she notices it...Go DJ go!!)

Consider this as my "WELCOME BACK " message... peace man!

Google X

I linked to it yesterday, but there is a big chance that it was missed. Anyway, google put up an alternative version of the their home page, and it was really slick (and even more slick if you know its lineage). But as of this writing, it's no longer accessible (barely a day after going live). Luckily some people were able to mirror it, so again. I present to you:

      Google X (mirror)

("Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you.")

I'd make it my homepage (and oi pinoi's) in a heartbeat should it go up again.

(there are theories that there are patent infringement issues, that's why it was pulled down. Whether or not Apple Legal had a hand on this, nobody could say for sure as of now)

It's like this...

you stumble upon a cool thing while surfing the web, so you've decided to blog about it. So punta ka blogger. Login, hintay na lumabas yung dashboard, pili ng blog tapos hintaaaaaay ulit ng create new post... Tapos pag ready na blogger para sa blog mo, saka ka mawawalan na ng gana kakahintay. How familiar, specially when you're not too comfortable writing (baka mali grammar eh..). Tingin ko sobrang dami akong draft posts na ginawa. dapat babalikan ko pero nakalimutan na...dang!

ngayon di na. may w.bloggar na eh (oo na ang kulit ko... wala eh. bumabawi siguro from hiatus)

dami kong utang na blogs... di ko alam kung saan magsisimula. (kung sa cubao o sa congo grill or sa physci) basta... pero nakakatuwa din maglurk, palaki na ng palaki circle natin... okay yan. kakatamad nga lang maglink ngayon. pero yun...welcome sa mga bagong bloggers! :D

Gmail goes out of Beta! (udated)

okay, thanks niks for pointing it out...

so public it isn't. (dam slashdot.. joke! i should have RTFA)

sorry sorry.

so it's still beta. and the google link is not universal. It appears randomly on Google's site.. from a cache of the signup page:

Cool. So can I get an account?
Absolutely. As we make room for more Gmail users, we want to first extend invitations to Google users. We're still working to make Gmail better, so for now, we're just inviting a small number at random. Looks like that's you! We're really excited to share Gmail with you and we hope you like it.

grabe, kuryente... sya, puntahan nyo na lang to para maaliw kayo. and Google is slowly showing the signs of becoming a portal: have you visited the >> page lately?

ibig sabihin...mas lalo nang walang kwenta yung 50 invites na hindi rin naman maubos-ubos... sigh.

Ngayon magkakasubukan na ng servers.. heheh.

Pero di pa nauupdate servers natin eh. di ko pa makita yung gmail link galing sa google.com.. Siguro kinakabahan na sila.


Okay.. now i unofficially come back from my unofficial hiatus. heh.

im blogging thru w.bloggar now. a windows app for blogging. no more sloooow "create post" waiting. Maybe i'll talk about it more later after i've played with it... For now I still can't get my hands off Trillian 3.1. Now thats how you make an app...really.

Friendster RSS

RSS in friendster. Nice.