Just arrived home 10 minutes ago. Thea is here. Brought back lots of things from Pulag. Dirty clothes. Dirty tent, dirty pack, dirty gears. Clean memories! Climbing Mt. Pulag is the hardest thing I've done recently. Will do it again...

Sorry for the "ugly" (to borrow han's word for it) format of the mobile blog posts. I had to make do; what's important is that i have the timestamps...

Will post the pictures later.

After the Summit

PULAG. Peak. No words to explain. Cold. Sleeping.

Ambuklao Dam Stopover

PULAG: Ambuklao dam stopover... Beautiful place. U

Jeepney Ride to Ambangeg

PULAG: Left baguio. On the way to Ambangeg...

Victory Bus Station in Baguio City

PULAG: Victory bus Station. U. Baguio will never be the same...

Victory Bus Station in Pasay

Victory station pasay. Waiting 4 the last group to arrive...

1 Hour to go...

PULAG Test blog frm phne.

Design plans

I'm planning to make this template more user-customizable using variables for CSS values. That way, anyone on Blogger can easily pick the template and customize it to his own liking. I might also do something about the remaining "bugs" in the design (the still hard-to-read comments section is a pet peeve).

Sorry if I'm talking about more design stuff again and less of the actual substantial content. It's because of two things really: From the start I really wanted to transform this design (emire) into something that "originally" belongs to me (my tastes and preferences). Second, I'm having a hard time writing these past few days. I lost the initial momentum, but I'm sure it'll pick up speed again later. Bad days i guess.

Night folks. Mommy Han is calling me already (and i heard sam cough). I'm too sleepy anyway. Hope everyone's having a good day/night.

I'm doing something with a little more substance for my next post (started to work on it actually in the office)


This will become a mainstay in my sidebar.


and now is a good time to do just that.


A funny thought that came to mind yesterday on my way to work:
Honesty pays. Just not always in the currency that we want.

Post Secret (Sorry Jem)


No One Belongs Here More Than You

Back then when i was preparing myself for an internet-deprived work place (good thing that didn't happen), i thought about maintaining my blog by scanning hand-written blog posts in index cards, then post them every weekend.

Today I came across an even better idea: a dry-erase board as a website. This idea isn't mine, but it's the most creative website I've seen in a while.

By Miranda July:
OK, here I go. I’m going to make this whole website right now on this dry-erase board.
[via Daring Fireball]

Microsoft is Dead

From Paul Graham: Microsoft is Dead

I already know what the reaction to this essay will be. Half the readers will say that Microsoft is still an enormously profitable company, and that I should be more careful about drawing conclusions based on what a few people think in our insular little "Web 2.0" bubble. The other half, the younger half, will complain that this is old news.

This is old news...

Lists, Lists and even more Lists!

Warning: anal-retentive post below. :p

I am a GTD follower, or rather a GTD non-practicing believer. :p

One of the best things that GTD has taught me though is the power of lists. A flat collection of all the actions that you need to do to accomplish something. In the real, paper and pen world, I always keep my stack of index cards handy for jotting down quick lists, and for the software bits, i use sticky notes to keep track of short-term action lists. I still suck at keeping things in control though: my GTD collection proces is really a mess, but I still manage to make a little out of it. This is one of the the good things about the GTD sys tem: you can still benefit from it even if don't implement the whole thing. That actually ruins the whole idea, but oh well. :p (I'm really trying to start with my GTD system again)

That being said, and moving on with the topic of lists, i have also tried setting up online task lists. Web-bases lists has the advantge of being available anywhere you have internet access and some tools actually integrate well with my existing online workflow tools such as email and IM.

I have tried backpack, ta-da list, both 37 signals products, Google IG's to-do list widget and a some other web apps that I can no longer remember.

Tonight I started experimenting with Remember the Milk, a weirdly-named but actually clever and interesting web app. I'm still yet to master all of its features and bells-and-whistles, but the app actually seems really promising.

Need an online list? Explore the apps i mentioned above. :)

DRM is dead. Apple and EMI announces DRM-free music

It all started with Steve Job's Thoughts on Music, a memo calling for the abolishment of DRM as the best answer to the problem involving music devices interoperability.

No, let me correct that. It all started with an army of consumers, music lovers and users who wanted freedom from the draconian hold of the Recording Industry on the music that people buy and listen to. Steve Job's memo might become one of the most memorable milestones in the abolishment of DRM, but it should not be forgotten than it is the people who really made things move into this direction.

And today, Apple announced that EMI's entire digital music catalog will be sold DRM-free from the iTunes Music Store:

CUPERTINO, California—April 2, 2007—Apple® today announced that EMI Music’s entire digital catalog of music will be available for purchase DRM-free (without digital rights management) from the iTunes® Store (www.itunes.com) worldwide in May. DRM-free tracks from EMI will be offered at higher quality 256 kbps AAC encoding, resulting in audio quality indistinguishable from the original recording, for just $1.29 per song. In addition, iTunes customers will be able to easily upgrade their entire library of all previously purchased EMI content to the higher quality DRM-free versions for just 30 cents a song. iTunes will continue to offer its entire catalog, currently over five million songs, in the same versions as today—128 kbps AAC encoding with DRM—at the same price of 99 cents per song, alongside DRM-free higher quality versions when available.

Thought this may no directly affect us since the iTunes Music store is not available in the Philippines, this is still a monumental triumph of of the internet/music community over the RIAA.

Here's EMI's announcement
Head over to techmeme for the party...

DRM is dead. :)


I've been wanting to toss this idea to the lazy web, but I've been too lazy to even do that. hehe. Now someone finally mashed up a a very cool bookmarklet: Linkify, by Xenomachina. Every link in this post has been created by the bookmarklet.

Here's the problem: creating a blog post or a comment that properly links to relevant resources is really the good way to blog, but the process could be a little cumbersome. If you're lucky and you still have the original page open in your browser,
  1. go to that page/window,
  2. copy the url,
  3. go back to your blogpost,
  4. hightlight the word where you want to put the link, press the
  5. LINK button, and
  6. paste the URL.
And you have to do that for all the links. If you still have to look for the page, then it involves even more steps.

Enter Linkify: while in a textarea like in Google Blogger's post window (in edit HTML tab) or in comment fields,

  1. select the text that you want to create the hyperlink,
  2. click the linkify bookmarklet,
  3. then select the appropriate google search result and click Create Link
Ah. quick, effective workflow. Now all you have to do is drag this bookmarklet: [linkify] to your Browser's bookmarks toolbar, then you're all set. :)