The UI affairs

I have been wanting to change the layout of this blog... like him, but back when i had the time, i didn't have the motivation to do so, now that i don't have time anymore, i'm still um, unmotivated. heh.

So what sucks in this layout? I will try to enumerate all the things that have accumulated in my must-change-this list....
In no particular order...

  • You have to click in order to see my blogroll.
  • You have to click to see my previous post. It's okay in the main page, but i think the previous posts list should be very accesible in my post page
  • My blogroll sucks. I don't link that often. (don't be fooled by the lenght of my list, i ripped that off). Bad blogger bad...
  • The color scheme is umm... I don't have one. I tried, but i don't remember ever finishing it.
  • As I just learned just recently, the layout out goes berserk in IE. (Though you really should be using firefox)
  • Despite the mods that I made, it still inherits the UI problems of the default blogger template which are:
  • Date being the anchor text to the permalink
  • Comments are shown without a date stamp.
  • more to come...
So what sucks in my blog's layout?

Ubuntu pressed cds

got my 100 ubuntu x86 cds yesterday, 20 for x86-64 and 5 for the mac.

I promised 50 cds to the just started internet cafe association in LB but ended up giving only 20. Left another 11 to the shop accross Oi Pinoi, A set (1 for each of the 3 plaftorms i mentioned) went to my former thesis adviser, 2 to ate pearl for her officemate and 1 for Mang Greg, one of our technicians in Physci.

that leaves me around 65 more x86 ubuntu cds. Want some? come and get it. It's yours already...

Scooby Doo

While trying to clean the shop looking for important stuff that I might leave behind, i saw a still plastic-wrapped kidde mug (with a spirally straw that comes with its cover). It was the scooby-doo mug which nikki and I got with the KFC bucket meal.

I remember I got it for Sam thinking of giving it to him when he's a little older...

Firefox 1.5 RC3 testing day

This would be my first FF testing day. Want to join the fun?

Start time: Starting 7 AM PDT - 5 PM PDT
IRC server:
Please join #testday

Read the the Testing Day blog post for more details

The Google Internet

Google has been buying dark fiber (unused fiberoptic) and this has led many to believe that Google has plans to enter the ISP biz.

Cringely thinks otherwise. And he has a very convincing theory on where Google is heading -- with all those fiber in their hands. Interesting read.
Angel just finished posting (instead of actually doing work) our workplace pics.

Pay respect to our server. :)

Red Button

For the sake of your productivity, please, don't press the red button. I warned you.

All your base are belong to us

Need to share something online? Recipe? Map to your place? Schedule? Picture ng crush mo?
All of the above? Then check out Google Base. :)

Mobile blogging

So far most of the things that we've talked about in our blogs (me and hannah) are about sam. Things are not that all bleak, though. Even with our own expectations, we are doing really good in taking things . We feel so blessed that God has given us the strength and the support from people like you guys. Our family, our batchmates, our good friends. Maraming salamat. We are just starting the battle against SMA, and as full as we are of your moral support and prayers, we know that we would be needing more of those in the coming months. And as I have always said here, Hannah and I are also praying for you guys.

To update on the other things happening in our life, i recently started a contract work as a software dev with angel. It's truly a blessing, and I'd like to thank angel for pulling me along. I'm enjoying the work, the great work environment and the boss with a big heart. The financial benefit is also so timely, specially now that we're on the brink of selling the shop. Mommy hannah is going full time with Sam and I can't manage the shop as I did before.

Also, the laptop's so slick. :) and yeah, that's what blog was supposed to be about. Mobile blogging. We'll, actually not realy mobile, since i'm stil tethered to the phone line. But it's as mobile as I could get for the mean time. hehe.

Sam, meet hand

A few days ago sam discovered his left hand. Now he can't stop staring at it. Cute.

[Listening to: Talking about a revolution by Tracy Chapman]