Home at last...

Now I can rest my thoughts that Sam is back at home, at last.

The past two weeks has been so difficult for the young Gamis family, Sam having to stay at the hospital for two weeks because of pneumonia. I commend his "kabaitan" during the whole two weeks ordeal (umm, perhaps that's too heavy a word though) of nebulization, sipon-sucking, (cute, but painful to hear) little coughs, and two grueling times of dextrose needle reinsertion, which, for some reason, i both missed. (Mommy han cried with sam on the second time it happened). All this happened during the BSA raid fiasco, (God sometimes works in ways that we cannot comprehend). So the shop was closed for almost two weeks two! Gaah. Well, basta alam ko, what's more tiring than migrating to Linux is doing it while your mind is somewhere else.

So now, Baby sam is out, and tomorrow, i claim that the shop will be open at last (hey, pun, strongly intended. here that, Billy G?).Exciting times ahead.

Remote, err, Nintendo Revolution Controllers

UPDATED, at the request of my editor.

You'd have to give Nintendo the hand for being creative, bold and innovative enough to market something as out of the box as that.

Here's the 2-page review at IGN, and of course, the gallery

And here's a link to the video page (courtesy of the new Google Video Search, and the one who uploaded this video)

Someone said: "i don't like it, it's not for gamers, it's for active people." Good point.

Die Pirates Die! ....or Should They?

The Business Software Alliance - an organization with Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Adobe, etc., as its members, have launched a full-blown Piracy crackdown here in the Philippines. Internet Shop Cafe owners, one of the many business types targeted by the campaign, are in chaos right now (ako konti lang, i have ubuntu at my side). Acquiring license for even a 10-pc internet shop can cost the small players (that includes us) a significant chunk of money to comply with licensing demands. I have a lot of things to say about this issue, but i can't get them sorted out for now.
But there are things brewing in my mind - this could be the day that Linux takes a center stage in the Philippine tech scene. If only the oppurtunity is taken wisely.A call to open source supporters, evangelists and hackers -- let's do every thing that we can to take this window of oppurtunity and spread Linux and other OpenSource Projects.
For non-gaming cafe's (like what we have here), user-oriented linux distros are ripe for the taking. People just need to try and see it. Yes, thing will feel weird at first, but this is how we felt the first time we used Windows right? If you have friends that are worrying about the crackdown right now, encourage them to evaluate Linux. Ubuntus is the best distro that I could recommend. Really, how can you justify paying for the full price of Windows when Ubuntu can do the job as well? I'm just seeing a few hiccups here - Chikka. and the other apps that needs Windows that I suddenly forgot. heh.
Excuse me for now, but I have some hard drives to reformat.
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Why feel lucky when you can be right?
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Office 12

update: included the screenshots(that comes after 2003, if you don't know Microsoft math). heh.
New User Interface! Not just a new widget style, but an entirely a new UI! nice... I can't believe i'm drooling for something Microsoft. heheh.
Microsoft Word Screenshot Excel Powerpoint
Click on the thumbnails for larger versions
Now this is how you (try to) save an Operating System from going irrelevant in a world of web apps. Make a kick-ass desktop app with a kick-ass user interface.
On the other hand, the open-source, OpenOffice loving part of me is crying like sh*t. How do you keep up with this? This must be a hard time for the openoffice guys. I hope they don't get discouraged. I'm thinking... if not for them--for posing as a danger to Microsoft Office dominance (along with a lot of other dangers) , I bet all that Microsoft would be showing for Office 12 is a new color scheme, and uhm, 5 new features.
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Which also means that

Also, have you noticed the blogger home page? Real time updates. Nice... showmanship. hehe.

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Dr Quack Quack.  Posted by Picasa

After the (free!) Pizza dinner, watching nikki play the geek version of Dr quack quack Posted by Picasa

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Thanks Armi! (also to Nik and his palm card, coz we lost ours) Posted by Picasa

Microsoft tries to recruit Eric S. Raymond

You're a borg Microsoft recruiter, and you try your luck (out of optimism or just sheer ignorance) and try to recruit a well known Open Source Evangelist. What do you get? A handful. Don't dare miss reading his reply.
Maybe they thought: "You can't blame us for trying, we got the Geento guy remember?"

My favorite part in ESR's reply:
If you had bothered to do five seconds of background checking, you might have discovered that I am the guy who responded to Craig Mundie’s “Who are you?” with “I’m your worst nightmare”, and that I’ve in fact been something pretty close to your company’s worst nightmare since about 1997.

...in Tagalog

I don't even remember knowing that Burador meant Draft. Now i know.
A couple of other cool translations:

nagkakarga... (loading)
Gumawa ng pansala... (Create Filter)
Mga Tatak...(Labels)
Etiketa... (Labels) also?
Sarhan ang paglalagay ng highlight... (Turn off highlighting)

gets? get it.

iPod Nano

The iPod mini is no more. Meet the iPod Nano.

new iTunes

Screenshot of iTunes 5Yes, you can click on that to make it bigger...

Hey converts! heehee. The new iTunes is here (among other Apple news).
What's new?
  1. It feels snappier.
  2. New sleek look!
  3. Playlist folders - hoorah! (but i thought folders are dead?)
  4. New sleek look!
  5. (not shown) A handy search bar that shows when you start typing in the search field.
  6. Variable bit rate encoding when using the AAC encoder. hmm. bite-size mp3s!
  7. Parental Controls. next please
  8. New sleek look!
  9. Smart shuffle daw (di ko pa nattry to)
  10. blah blah blah
Just download it, and see for yourself. Note to would-be converts: the beast requires Windows XP (awww), and a litle love for something apple. hehe. Which reminds me - Winamp 5.1 has just been released recently...if that's your thing.

Congratulations Armi!

Armi and her friend barged in the shop screaming... Maaaaaaaaaaark! Inquirer!

What the heck!? The results of the Chemist Licensure is out! woooh (nakakahawa excitement ni Armi)

PDF of the Results is here.

Btw, the BIG NEWS: Armi is no 9. w00t!

Sabi na namin kagabi advanced libre na eh.

Quickie Firefox hint

Here's for the OCs out there:

Do you want to rid your firefox's address autocomplete list of unwanted (wink wink) entries and want to keep the rest? Here's the key: Select (but dont click, if you're using the mouse) the unwanted entry, then press SHIFT-DELETE. Voila! Work safe again...


ok, back to what you're doing again...

I love to do this

I wait for Sam to reach the point where he's almost awake, but not totally conscious -- sort of still in the alpha state. At that point, he can barely see my face but i think good enough to see when i'm smiling. Then i try my best to start smiling starting with a simple hehehe.. up to the point where I'm "laughing." Then while i'm doing that i adjust my laugh to make it more sound natural, and watch his face slowly smile. If I'm able to make my "laugh" believable enough, rewards are great - he'd start laughing as I laugh, showing his complete set of toothless gums. Then we'd have a smile/laugh feast, with mommy hannah reluctantly (too much laugh = kabag) laughing with us, until mommy hannah covers my mouth to make sam stop laughing too. hehehe. :D...

I love that baby.

New Orleans

Katrina aftermath... in Satellite imagery


My New Favorite post

verge: "angulo ko"

Sobrang profound, muntik ko nang di maintindihan. Tsk tsk.

Hi verge. It's nice to see na nagkakalat ka na din ng lagim sa inter-web.