Nintendo DS

Now the name is official and the hardware looks more sleek than ever. For the Nintendo geek-heads out there, head on the the site and bow your heads.

The DS will feature bluetooth and wifi for net access. But then you probably know that already.

Apple launches the new iPod.

New Features:
  • longer battery life - 12 hours according to Apple
  • Shuffle songs in the main menu
  • Save multiple On-The-Go Playlists
  • Adjust speed for Audiobooks
  • Sync and charge via included FireWire or USB 2.0 cables

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL IM interconnection?

From The Inquirer: Microsoft is to announce a deal with Yahoo and AOL that will allow the three companies' Instant Messenging protocols to interconnect to each other. This is good news for everyone. It's about time that efforts be started to bridge the IM divide. I wonder what this means to Trillian and other third party Instant Messenging apps that at the moment fills the interconnection (or lack of) vacuum.

Happy Birthday Mozilla Foundation

Today marks Mozilla Foundation's 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday!

Nokia Lifeblog Beta

Another last bite of the cake before you close the fridge... Another puff of smoke before you totally let go... Another sip of your favorite drink when no one's looking... Another last blog post before I stop (temporarily).

Nokia's Lifeblog is now available. Ideally it works perfectly well with Nokia 7610, but for the rest of us without one, the PC version might suit us just fine...

From the Lifeblog website:

Nokia Lifeblog is a PC and mobile phone software combination that effortlessly keeps a multimedia diary of the items you collect with your mobile phone. Lifeblog automatically organizes your photos, videos, text messages, and multimedia messages into a clear chronology you can easily browse, search, edit, and save. Nokia Lifeblog does the work of organizing the items you create and receive, and you can also add notes throughout the day, or tag and update your favorites so they're always on your phone.

I'm currently downloading the beta software for the PC to test the app. An installer for 7610 is also available. Head on to the Nokia Lifeblog site to download your own. Word of warning: from the way it looks, the software is no light one. It requires Microsoft DirectX 9.

This blog post is my reward to myself for: making the ADC work (and ingeniously mounting it to the PC case)

No I am not Dead.

I am finally doing my thesis. I am officially on a blogging hiatus.

Sound the Horns...

Microsoft launched a preview of it's own home-grown search technology today. Along side with the launch, the Redmond giant also revamped its MSN search. As Arstechnica reported, the MSN search will still be using Yahoo's Inktomi search engine, however it will now have fewer ads to make the search results cleaner and more user-friendly.

Microsoft's entry to the search arena has been long anticipated by the industry since its presence makes the search engine war a lot more interesting. Having the money and resources, the company can indeed deliver an impact to the industry. It remains to be seen however if they could compete with Google's market and mind share, and its already proven search technology and features. With the impending war it will be the users who will reap the most benefits, as we have already seen in the Web Mail wars. I only hope Microsoft doesn't do something unfair again.