is the number of security flaws recently found in Windows XP SP2.

Without going much into the details of the exploits (and I don't have a plan of seeking knowledge of them right now anyway) this only means one sure thing for all of us Windows users: another wave of viruses and exploits are coming. Be prepared.

He's the shiznit

To be honest, I felt guilty when he said something about the lack of moral support during the Finals round of the Top Coder Open finals; Almost a little about the faulty net connection (we have a lot of bandwidth wasted at night here at Oi) but I know Cel is more comfortable using his home PC. (Damn, i suddenly realize, I could have at least helped fix his pc's power supply problem...)

Well, the only consolation I get is knowing that when he reads about this (hi cel), he probably won't agree on the things I said I feel guilty about, or the fact that I feel guilty all. He'd probably just wear that familiar look on his face: ("eh bakit naman?"). That's cel, (buti na lang hehe)

So cel, for a job well done. Congrats man. Someday I will proudly tell people: I used to sleep (or wake) at the sound of his oooh's and aaah's at night. Yeah, kinky I know,but you know what could top that? He makes that sound while he is coding. The passion man, the passion...

By the way, did you know that Cel looks good on a maroon polo shirt? I also created a photo set on flickr for some pics of cel that i "stole" from the TopCoder site , but if you have time and you want to do some "ShinduHikaru hunting", you can browse the official TopCoder Open Photos page.

That's all.

Microsoft launced their beta MSN Search

Hmmm. so that's probably why Google announced their updated index. A little rain on Microsoft's parade, which, as I learned just now have announced the beta of their search engine.

The msn search adds a new twist in advanced search, re-christened as Search builder. I think it aims to make advanced searches more accessible for ordinary internet users. Search customization fields are presented in sections, one tab at a time. A very interesting addition in MSN search not found in Google and Yahoo's advanced searches is a way for users to tweak the ranking of the results page, based on three criteria: exactness of match, popularity and freshness of the result. As I remember just now, a similar feature is present when searching in Google News (the ability to sort results by relevance or by date). Microsoft also says that your location, which can be set on the settings page, can have an effect on the search results that you will get.

We have yet to see though if these features can create a serious dent on Google's share of the search advertising market. At its current form, Google is pretty much hard to beat, and that is good, because if Microsoft or Yahoo is indeed capable of doing so, we users can expect a lot of good things to come that will make searching for information on the web a lot easier.

By the way, as I was making this blog post, i came upon Yahoo's new search page (not the Yahoo home page), hmm. Can you spot the difference between that and Google's? Well it was pretty hard so to help me and to make the circus a lot more fun, i tried to search for it (using MSN search of course!). Don't click on that link. It's nonsense. I have to stop here...

8 Billion/Firefox start page

There has been talks before of a new Google bot making tours on people's websites. Today we see the result: Google has increased their index site to 8 Billion pages. But then you already knew that...


Okay, for those who have installed Firefox 1.0, you probably noticed that the new Firefox start page is actually a special Google page. The decision to include a new star page was made after a survey done by Mozillazine found out that a lot of Firefox users have a blank home page (nothing beats the simplicity and loading time of about:blank, i guess). The new start page is heaven sent. I was having a dilemma on what to set as a homepage for Firefox: a firefox-related page which will raise awareness of the product, or Google (no explanation neccessary). Now the mozilla start page rocks.

Actually, the more interesting part of it is what conspiracy theories people could come up with on a possible Google-Firefox relationship. Okay, i know a similar(ish) page exists for ie, google.com/ie , but hey, Conspiracies are cooler, and c'mon, don't tell me that the geek in you didn't almost pee in his pants at the sight of those three words beatifully juxtaposed: Google-Firefox relationship... brrrr

Gmail POP

Google is adding POP support to Gmail. IMAP fans, (and future fans, which includes me) we're out of luck, no IMAP support yet.

Celsus da man!

it's about time.

Lazy? Who's Lazy?

Bullet Points
  • As nikki said, Firefox 1.0 is coming. It's upgrade time tonight!
  • Also, Fedora Core 3 just came out! Frank, pano ba yan? Download ko na muna to?
  • For the widget fans, Konfabulator, the widget app for Mac OS X, is coming to Windows (they had to seek for the greener, and bigger pasture, after Apple announced their upcoming new OS Tiger which will include a feature very similar to Konfabulator - Dashboard)
  • Veggie boy updated his blog! yey! :D
  • Yeah, i know it's late, but i just want to welcome Celsus. Question cel: i know that your blog is not listed on your profile, but since your blog is almost famous now after your All Saint's post, can we then add you to the pisay 89 blog roll?
  • Oh yeah, pal is on. Brave. By the way, I don't know what you did wrong man, but i think you messed up your layout.
  • Jem, techie posts can sometimes be boring. Fun stuffs are always cool (though i'm yet to solve your flash puzzles).


Bullet Points. (When you're too lazy to organize your post into a more readable form)
  • I just came back from bicol last Saturday night and well well, it suddenly felt green around here! Didn't really know that unix geeks can be soooo horny...
  • Hmm. i love this. almost a week of no internet. Which means a lot of stuff to do and read online! wohoo!
  • I alread said yes in my email but I'll still say it again here Frank, yup, i got all 4 cds (the 4th being a recovery cd) of FC2.
  • Shiny new iPods! Black is the new white, according to U2.
  • Firefox RC1 came out 4 days ago kids, but if you're already using the Preview Release and you're not much into bug-testing, might as well stick to your version and wait for the Final Release.
  • SpreadFirefox's campaign to raise funds for a full-page New York Times Ad is a success. On the day Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0, the names of roughly 10,000 contributors to the campaign will grace the full-page ad in NYT along with official announcement of Firefox 1.0.
  • It might be your mom's sinigang, or spaghetti, or pesto...as for me, it's my mom's adobo-the best there is. Ubos na nga eh.
  • In my haste (again, as usual) to turn-over ownership of Pisay98 group in Google Groups 2 to myself (hehe, from my Yahoo email to my Gmail account) I deleted the group a minute before I realize that you can now have multiple owners. I may have wait for a few days before the group name becomes available again.
  • I'm thinking if now is a good time to start to migrate to Google Groups 2 (for photon). Jaemark, you're thoughts? Everyone can really benefit from ad-free email messages. Problem is, for other perks (polls, photos, files) we may have to still rely on Yahoo Groups. (not that we *really use them)
  • Jaemark, Congratulations on your new Job. Makikita ka din ba namin sa Mulawin?