Hmmkay. Coke or Pepsi? Boxers or briefs? Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Hard choices call for hard decisions. Good thing there's Googlefight. The tool for the undecided, and for those who just want a third opinion.

Go fight!

If i would recommend a Linux distro to H5 people

this would be it....

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Woot! a linux live cd dedicated to Go!

Download na to!

Hikaru-nix official site:'s Great Gmail Give Away

Still hunting for that elusive gmail invite? Spreadfirefox is offering some. You just have to do something in return. But don't worry, it won't cost you your soul...

Hurry up though. As of this writing there are approximately 120 invites left.

For those gmail users who still have some invites left and are intending to donate the invites to the project, send the invitation to devlinks(at sign) See this post for more details

Tech Marketing 101

You know that someone is a good Firefox evangelist when he gets a Microsoft Geek Blogger to add a Get Firefox! button in his sidebar. (in exchange of a Service Pack 2 recommendation)


I can't prepare a surprise but i can make you shine in my blog for a day...

Happy Birthday Jem.

I Found Some Of Your Life

A man left his digicam's memory card in a New York cab. The one who found it created a blog about it and since July has been posting a picture a day from the memory card (complete with captions) in the aptly-named I Found Some Of Your Life blog. Be sure to hit the introduction first.

Excellent addition to your addictions list.


I'm not really sure. But i felt it just a minute ago.
Did you?

Firefox 1.0 Preview Release

Get Firefox!
Firefox 1.0 Preview release is here. Get yours here.
A quick glance on the new features:

  • Live Bookmarks
  • Improved Find
  • Improved UI and features in the Security department
  • Folder view in Manage Bookmarks
  • Strong encryption for stored passwords thru a Master password
  • Improved Compatibility for IE users
  • Better System Integration for GNOME users

You can read the official Relase notes here, but a more detailed low-down
has been provided by Neil's World.

Thunderbird and Mozilla suite were also updated. Thunderbird is now 0.8 and Mozilla is now 1.7.3
2.1 GB over the weekend. Not a bad way to use up Digitel's 256 KBps (advertised) bandwidth.

Wala lang. just making my first blogger post from a freshly-installed Fedora Core 2.

I have always been a linux fan, but my relationship with it (as a desktop OS) has always been a love-hate one. I usually grow tired of it after sometime when i begin to miss windows' idiotic convenience and ease of use. The fact that i don't have a machine that i can really call mine doesn't make it any better too. I just usually squat my Linux installations into other people's machines (and todays lucky pc is Wokstation Pinoi-01). That's why my files are literally fragmented across many computers. But the good thing about this sinusoidal behavior of using Linux desktop is that every fresh installation always bring some nice surprises and significant improvements in the usability arena. I'm currently using Gnome 2.6 as my Desktop (cherry: the best desktop environment there is, next to Apple's of course). I plan to add the KDE packages later when i get bored... hehe. The spatial Nautilus is something that i have really been looking foward to using, after being indoctrinated to the club by John Siracusa's mighty article.. (I have actually tried many times to configure Windows explorer to use theclassic behavior, just to get the hang of it). But honestly, the spatial experience can be quite hard and frustrating at fist. Old habits + deep folder organization = a desktop cluttered with windows that you'll need a miracle to keep up with it. Lesson learned (that Ed and the Master has also taught me): Keep it flat. The spatial nautilus and I will have our bonding time this week and i hope it turns out fine. That's all for now, i'll be meeting han in 30 minutes and I'm still wearing my shirt from yesterday... have to go.

A blog about a Linux Desktop wouldn't be complete without one. The obligatory (and hastily done)screenshot:


"Licensing our browser was a huge win for Spyglass. And it was a huge loss...

...The message became clear: We sold our browser technology to 120 companies, but one of them slaughtered the other 119"

If the "Get Firefox" image on my sidebar looks screwed to you (just below my profile) you're probably using IE. Click Help then About Internet.... You will then see a text box, the first line of which reads: Based on NCSA Mosaic.. Do you know the real story behind this sentence? If not, or maybe you're just not so sure, then I encourage you to read on.

The link is the story of one of the first browsers around: Spyglass. Good and interesting read. And probably, a surprising tale to some.

The story is here