Microsoft Surface Computing

Remember that multi-touch demo i blogged about before? At the end of this year Microsoft will be delivering its own "surface computing platform" to actual customers, making them initially available to restaurants, hotels, retail locations and casino resorts. Popular mechanics has the details on Microsoft's new technology but if you just want to quickly see what it's about, is a good place to go.

Quickie Post

  • Welcome back Frank! Here's to a healthier frank "junior" (i know, that got shot down too) and mommy Ria. God Bless to the Guevarra family.
  • We're that close to losing internet access in the office. Ugh the agony...
  • Miss Japan looks hot. (but that's judging on some crappy photos that we could access from the office, since the miss universe site is blocked. tf!)
  • Facebook just pulled the most brilliant play i've seen to date in the social web. At last, one of the next big things is (somehow) beginning to shape up. Social Web Operating System? Hmm...
  • Microsoft is touting that they will reach 1M zune sales by the end of this month. This is not what it seems to be. More on this later...
  • Tip: Using Firefox on Linux but hates the way the web controls look (they're fugly)? Your suffering ends here. Slicker firefox web controls saves the day.

Google Analytics Fun

Sometimes its fun to go sniffing through the tidbits of information that Analytics gives out. Without going too much into the technical (and business) side of things, It's nice to see for example that on some days i have reader(s) using firefox on linux that's using a computer with its (wide) display resolution set to 1280 x 800. Yup, it matters.


It's not my business to interfere, but tapuymoments (the blogspot URL, not the actual blog) just got taken over by some pinkgirl1234. That sucks. :(


Where the Japanse people get their talent for creating uber-cute mascots beats the hell out of me. But I think i just found my own "hello-kitty", open-source geek edition. Meet foxkeh, Mozilla Japan's mascot for promoting Firefox to new users. First saw it in Asa Dotzler's post where he pointed to undoubtedly the cutest firefox banners/chicklets i've ever seen, calling that they be ported to english. It didn't last long, and now Foxkeh is localized in EN. I just subscribed foxkeh's blog feed.

The downloads section also boasts some really delightful surprises, topping them is the history of the Firefox (know your roots!), they come in 3 flavors: the jap, en and a special foxkeh edition.

Wallpapers. I think i have the (pa)cutest desktop wallpaper in the office right now.

And of course, other foxkeh images. :)

I'm just waiting for the english versions of the banners then they'll soon grace the sidebar of this green emire, color coordination be damned :) . (or I will worry about that part later)

Email this Post

At long last the Reader team has upgraded Google Reader's Email this feature - my pet peeve. What used to be a non-formatted stream of words (without even line breaks to separate the title from the content) is now sent as an html-formatted email message. So the post you are emailing will appear (almost) exactly the same to how you see it in Google Reader.

The other cool feature is that the email feature is now tightly integrated to the Reader application. No more pop-ups when emailing a post. The email form is now integrated to the post itself, just like in Gmail. Nice... And of course, the "tightly-integrated" feel will not be complete without the address auto-complete. (pun fun. weeeee!)

I don't use YM that much but I'd say that this thing is slick. And with a very cleve URL to boot.. :)

Mt. Pulag Pics

Mt. Pulag Climb
Pulag pics on Picasaweb. Click.

Dell heart Ubuntu

From Dell's website:

Ubuntu, on Dell.

At the Peak

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Labels Update

Heads up to my 3 readers... I will be fixing the labels here so you might see outdated posts shown as new again in your Reader. Sorry for that.