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The previous post was actually started as a distraction. This is what i originally intended to post.

I've been thinking lately to pull out my blog altogether. I don't know. Maybe when you want to start a new chapter in your life, you just want to get rid of the things that remind you of that particular chapter that you want to end, or maybe i just wanted to go away, and crawl back to my own antisocial cave. Had a serious heart to heart talk with Han about it (amongst other things), and i decided, to her prodding, to just go on a blog hiatus instead (though she wants to call it a sabbatical blog leave, heh). We've also analysed that maybe this is my own innermost urge to send a signal to the world that No, I am not ok. The tech-related posts are there because not because i have nothing else to blog about, but they are there because they are the only ones that I have to courage to blog about. I mentioned this before-- for every boring, techie content i blog about, there are hundreds of things bothering my mind that I don't. So this is it I guess, no more blogging for me, for a while. (I almost started my pullout last week actually, by deleting my comments on other people's blogs, bad bad, i know. Sorry)

But this is not all bleak, my dear 3 readers. You see, i have just updated my sidebar, and now it contains 3 dynamic lists, the most interesting i guess is the newest Recently, elsewhere section. Hah. I hope that gives you the reason to continue visiting this place, now that it also acts as your aggregator. :) (while you're still too lazy to set up your own).

Bye, for now.

The Sidebar

My sidebar has evolved from your default out-of-the-box blogspot sidebar to what it is now. Most of the time i spent fiddling it was to make it reflect more of my online existence. Also, a considerable chunk of of the effort was to make it as useful as I could possibly make it. It's in a form far from what i really want it to be, but it's a work in progress (albeit slow).

Partly inspired by Nikki's explanation of his blog redesign (also a slow work in progress, heh), Here's a quick list of what you can find on my sidebar, since it's length might have discouraged you (and the fact that our generations' attention span is really getting shorter each day) from fully utilizing its usefulness .

  • Profile - The default blogspot profile block. Used to have a link to my technorati profile, but after doubting its usefulness, decided to remove it (might put it back later on though).
  • Calendar - powered by 30boxes, a list of public calendar events that i remember to put on my online calendar.
  • Previous posts - needs no explanation
  • Recently, elsewhere - New! this is my dynamic link roll, the 5 most recent posts from my contemporary bloggers listed below. And yeah, powered by Google Reader.
  • Contemporary bloggers - my list (a bit outdated) of fellow bloggers.
  • Archives - dropdown list format, to conserve space.
  • Photos - powered by Flickr . Most recent uploads to my flickr account.
  • Bookmarks - powered by del.icio.us. List of sites that I find interesting. Arranged in chronological order as i bookmarked them
  • Buttons
    • Get Firefox with Google toolbar - I love Google, I love Firefox, and I love the idea that I might be able to make a litle money from promoting it. :)
    • Add to Google - if you're using the Google reader or the Personalized Google Homepage, this button lets you add my blog to them.
    • Add to My Yahoo - adds my Blog to your My Yahoo content aggregator
    • Hopefully i can improve this particular part of my sidebar, until then, if you don't know my rss feed, just add /atom.xml to my blog url (this btw, works for all blogspot blogs with their feeds turned on)
  • I power blogger. Licking the hand that feeds. hehe.


Stowe Boyd nailed what I think is the real big implication of what Gmail is doing in integrating Google Talk with Gmail.
"...Google is hastening the inevitable collapse of the Berlin Wall
between real-time communication (chat) and slow-time communication

I meant to post this on the day Google integrated Talk with Gmail, then forgot about it in my local drafts. Since i don't remember what i was trying to say after this anyway, i might as well post it now. Now, because there are now too many good stuff piled in my to-blog list, i can't take it anymore.

First. (chronologically, as i remember it)
Google launched its web-page creator (pages.google.com), though i think they're suspended registration till now. This is one of the products that is aimed to pass the grand-ma test (my grandma can use it). Excellent showcase of AJAX stuff for the geeks, a super-easy to use tool for those mere mortals who just want to contribute to the world wide web of information pool. Check my test page. When Google pages opens up for larger public consumption, i highly recommend it for your family members, a very nice way to get them started in creating online content.

Ray Ozzie, the man who is behind Microsoft's efforts in being relevant again in the world of network computing, presented in Etech the idea of extending the idea of the clipboard in the web 2.0 context. Read more on his blog and this simple demo.

Mike of Techcrunch.com presented the screenshots of the upcoming (i hope soon) CL2, Google's Calendar. I've been using 30Boxes for the past weeks as my main online calendaring app, but Google's offering just blows 30 boxes away. I've never felt this urge to become a beta tester again since Gmail launched.

Writely, a web-based word processor, gets acquired by Google. Nothing surprising here, but still, it's very exciting to hear this development. More on the Google blog and Writely blog.

that's all for now. Links coming later.

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