9 Days until Firefox 1.5 Beta!

From Mozilla Developer News: “The lockdown for “Firefox 1.5 Beta 1″ will occur at 11:59pm on Tuesday, Sept 6 in preparation for release on Thursday, Sept 8.”

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Meet the grandparent.

My mom arrived from Bicol the other day and visited Samuel last night (heart melts). Before we went to Jubileeville for a family dinner, I called my brother who is currently in Japan. heh. She was so happy and amazed at the fact that he's talking to my brother through the internet (the voice quality rocks). So imagine her holding baby sam - headphones on and talking to my brother through Google Talk. The whole time she keeps on cracking her "baka mahal na babayaran mo jan" joke. heh. Hannah and I were so happy that Sam's mama lola finally got to see her handsome apo. A scene where your son's two lolas are cooing him in his crib surely gives every parent that certain kind of high.

Dear Google Talk...

The program manager for the MSN Messenger team wrote this very amusing "letter to Google Talk..."
I particularly liked this part:
Maybe you will build up a robust feature set and I will improve my usability. Maybe your straightforward interface will bring new people into the IM market who have been intimidated out of it by the more complex clients.
Which is really a good thing to hear. Knowing that they understand very well the importance of simplicity and usability. She didn't rant about the "lack" of features of the Google talk, but rather put it in a very constructive way (and thus didn't hurt my fanboy heart, heh).

(opened up MSN Messenger, which after a few seconds turned my RANT knob to 11)

For the sake of future MSN Messenger users, I seriously hope that they do something about MSNMessenger's usability. For instance content tabs, akin to what YM has at the bottom part of their software - where you usually access launchcast. MSN messenger has HUGE tabs, now this is not really bad, (Fitt's law no. 1) but if you use only ONE of those tabs, I hope you have the option to remove the rest. Yan, tuloy bad trip na ulit ako sa MSN messenger, naalala ko kasi kun gano kawalang kwenta yung part na yun...oh well, so much for a fair and unbiased post about Instant Messengers....(sigh)

Google is a Windows Shop

I have read the phrase somewhere, so the idea is not original.

But it occured to me that this is irritatingly true for the products of the Company. Google Toolbar took a lot of time to be ported to Firefox (and hence usable in other Platforms), Picasa, the kick-ass Photo-organizer that they acquired (along with their first! IM - hello). Google Desktop Search has been a Windows-only app from day one, and now that it has the nifty sidebar thingie, my linux user heart is bleeding even more. To be fair, there are two linux projects (beagle and dashboard) that does similar things. Sigh. At least Google Talk supports other IM clients.

Now this is definitely not a blasphemy Google-bashing post. Sometimes it just sucks how you would miss Microsoft-only apps in the Linux world. Sigh.

Google Toolbar (firefox, ie)
Google talk
Google Desktop Search


Okay, pupils, say it with me -- Edubuntu!

Edubuntu is a version of the [WWW] Ubuntu operating system suitable for classroom use. As an educator you'll be able to set up a computer lab, or establish an online learning environment, in an hour or less -- then administer that environment without having to become a fully-fledged Linux geek.

will post a logo later on (coz they look nice). :D

Custom From: address in Gmail

If you're using gmail but also maintains other email accounts (work email, personal email, etc.), Gmail now allows multiple sending profiles. If you have set your account settings properly (instructions here), You can choose the from: address that your message will use in the compose page. Neat. And yes, the reply-to: address is set to the corresponding from: address, although you can also change it if you want.

Need gmail invites? I still have some.

Something about Google


i can't contain myself right now. I almost peed on my geeky pants.

hey, add me! emelgeek at gmail

Baby hedgehogs

Aren't they cute?

Top this.

Can You?

(pic found here)

No Day but Today

Got the news from cherry, (who made my life a tiny bit harder by NOT linking to the site... hehe.). Well anyway, RENT has been made into a movie -- that rock musical that i stupidly missed (i mean c'mon, i was hanging out with this friend when RENT was here, -- he watched it at least 3 times.) and ended up making up for it by listening to the cds until my ears burned. I think I memorized all the songs in one cd (don't know which one), and if my memory serves me right, it's one of the tactics that I used to start a conversation with han after those loooong months that we weren't talking. (she didn't fall for it. heh)

Which reminds me, still have the RENT shirt that I "borrowed" from Kuya Robert. ;)

I wouldn't want to miss this movie. (hey, that sounds like what I say to every good trailer that see, and the final movie of which I usually end up missing. pfft). Basta. I don't want to miss one.

Here's a secret – The Light My Candle Song is one of our (han and I) favorite songs. Cute. Romantic. Sweet. Sad. Funny. Hopeful.

“would you be light my candle…”

Of course.

Blogger heart Word

This post was made using Microsoft Word. Using of course the spankin’ new Blogger Word Plugin. Now you get all the MS Word goodness (spelling and grammar checker, formatting, you name it…) when you’re posting to your blogger blog.

But wait there’s more. You can also do all the other post-related actions that blogger has to offer – Save as Draft and Edit Previous Posts. Nice…
(image placeholder)

Now all I really need is a plug-in that magically turns my lame post into more interesting ones.

The bad: (which I just discovered after my first attempt of publishing this) Tables and images are not yet supported. Bleh!

Microsoft says iPod to face more competition

[disclaimer: I am (mostly) an apple fan]
Microsoft says iPod to face more competition: "Microsoft says iPod to face more competition"
Wow. Almost 3 years after iPod swept the whole industry by storm (and quashed Microsoft's dream of WMA world domination), this is how Microsoft deals with the iPod: F.U.D.. Gee...

Windows Vista Guided Tour

Microsoft's upcoming (in 2006 daw) windows version is called Windows Vista. For a low down on what to expect from Vista, informationweek has created this Guided Tour. Not that I am rooting for it (i'm not) or something. heh.

Praying Mantis Eats Hummingbird (Bird Watcher's Digest)

Praying Mantis Eats Hummingbird (Bird Watcher's Digest)

haha. this is cool.