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43 Folders enlightens us why some items remain in our to-do list (way) longer than others.



Bittorrent Search going live

What's the next Big thing for Bram Cohen's bittorent? Well, the same as everyone else's next big thing: Search. Wired got a sneak peak of the company's soon to be launched search service. It will follow the footsteps of Google in two ways: simplicity and a business model built around sponsored links, to be provided by Ask Jeeves (yay Ask!). And it will go way beyond your "search string" filetype:torrent search query...From the article on Wired:
... unlike a general web search, the BitTorrent web crawler interacts with each torrent behind the scenes to determine the number of nodes downloading and uploading through it. That lets the search engine order its results by the throughput of each torrent.

It will go live on, so watch that space. I hope this pulls through.

Gmail and a Yahoo Guy

(Yes, the Firefox post is still coming, it's in the pipeline, just so you know)

Jeremy Zawodny (of Yahoo) likes Gmail (understatement). And this is not the first time that he objectively praised a competitor's product. He also likes GDS over YDS.

I am not trying to make a point about him. I just thought that it would cool to share this. And if you're looking for stuff to read, his blog is a good one.

Google Fusion

'nuff said. Here's the FAQ if you want to dig more.

I'll be playing with this later on. First impression? I don't like it. But then that could change; Google is an acquired taste. (And I'm such a fanboy.) :p

Did I hear anyone say PORTAL? hehehe. just kidding.


Next Generation Consoles. Skin deep.

To continue with the theme of console gaming in this blog, let me point to Wired's article on the three next-gen consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. It's a one-page article so it's consumable in less than 5 minutes. It lacks the juicy details of each console's promised specs though, so don't expect much.

And if you still have time, come back here and cast your vote on who's leading in the looks department. I'm biased towards PS3, if it's not already obvious. I feel that miniaturization is on the priority list of Nintendo. Three-DVD-case thick? Wow.

Playstation 3

Yes, Xbox 360 is really sleek. And to be honest, i never thought that Sony or Nintendo could top its excellent design. ...Until today. The upcoming Playstation 3:

Words fail me.

more pics

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Cleaned up my sidebar - the return of the fox

Some neat DHTML tricks from here made my sidebar look a lot cleaner. I also changed its color to yellow coz i find the lack of clear distinction between the side bar and the main content very hard for the reading eyes. I hope you find the change as an improvement too. And yes, i added the long-overdue firefox banner, which I promptly put up after my last post.

The beta version of the new IE 7 is looming in the horizon, and knowing Microsoft, they will make a lot of noise about that. So I think it's just necessary for each of us (firefox fans) to throttle up our individual firefox campaigns again. The Browser Wars Redux... Exciting times ahead.

So Here's my question for those still using Internet Explorer: what's keeping you from using firefox? I'd like to know, if you don't mind.

(I know Hannah would be so mad at me for this... My 30 minute extension turned into a 4 hour blog-fest! I know, I really have a serious discipline problem. Sorry Han.)

Microsoft "Innovation" is the best form of Flattery

From BBC news:
Bill Gates is one of the people with Firefox on his computer, so I asked him for his opinion.

"I played around with it a bit, but it's just another browser, and IE [Microsoft's Internet Explorer] is better," Mr Gates told me, and challenged my assertion that Firefox's 'market share' is growing rapidly.

"So much software gets downloaded all the time, but do people actually use it?"
Blake Ross has a very firm answer to Bill Gates's last comment: YES, people are actually using Firefox

And let me just repeat that first part: IE is better than Firefox.

On a totally unrelated news, the IE 7 team says that the next version of IE will have tabs.


My thoughts on Jam's post

I think the major thing that GMA has over ABS-CBN is that GMA seems to have a more cohesive strategy with its shows, specially in promoting them. (cross-show plugging, themes that are consistent with their respective sponsors, etc.)When I watch GMA, i feel that everything seems to fit into something that has been planned well. For ABS, i don't know. I don't see the same synergy in their shows.

I remember what Korina said about ABS-CBN's fall from grace: when it happened, it happened all across the grid. I agree, and if they're planning to take the crown back, they can't just pull it off with a one-time flick (specially if most of those flicks are foreignovelas). You'd have to bring everything across the board. I know, i know, that's easier said than done, and I barely know what's really happening inside ABS-CBN's war room, or whatever strategy they're brewing in there. (I sure hope that there is one)

Anyway, I once read someone say:

In the end of course the users[viewers] win either way. Like two farmhands vying for the love of a girl, no matter which one emerges victorious the lady's got a lot of flowers.
..And we get to choose between Ann Curtis and Angel Locsin.

Thanks for the Prayers

Praise God and thank you people for the prayers. Our baby turned out to be in perfectly good health. Yup, mommy Hannah has still more-than-the-average amount of amniotic fluid in her tummy, but our baby is fine.

And as if telling us how perfectly fine he is, our baby showed us the clearest view of his face for the first time. Amazing.
Okay, Han said it's the second time already. I missed the first time (I was running up to the infirmary from the UP lib).

Firefox 1.04 Security Update

Firefox 1.04 has been released. The update fixes a critical vulnerability found in Firefox 1.0 - 1.03 that could allow a malicious code to run on a user's computer. Specially vulnerable are those who have added additional sites to Firefox's software installation whitelist. Although no real world exploit has taken advantage of this vulnerability (yet) , I still highly recommend that you guys DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE UPDATE NOW.


Stumbled upon (through stumbleupon ;p ) this great site: postsecret -
an ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.
Great read. (someone cried while we were reading this. hehe )

My favorite secret? Maybe this one:

Wow. It's ugly here...

Planning a redesign. So i decided to use the simplest template that I could get as a placeholder. Im almost sure that my redesign would be uglier, but as Jaemark said before (im already too sleepy to link back) at least it's (well) mine.

A couple of notes though...
  • See that white band on the upper right part of my page? I put it there for a reason, so click away. And while you're there, get one for your blog.
  • My blog roll is a rip-off from Pisay 98 blog, of course. (i see that more and more people are blogging now) hehe. So again, click away.
That's it. Got to sleep.