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got this from her

Old Trusty Mouse

mightiest mouse

1.5 years
4 computers
Billions of pixels

The Other End of the Democracy Stick

I'm not sure if I should be blogging about this knowing that I could have thought of better things to say (like "world peace!")  when the GMA Reporter* approached me, but heck, this is too cool to pass up. hahaha.

saksi interview

Thank god they edited out most of the crap that I said. heehee.

On a more serious note, I feel bad that I didn't even take the time to go and witness the rally when the crowd was at its peak. I guess that's the reality of growing up: I'm still the same person that marched to Edsa back in college. Its just that I'm fighting on adifferent front now.

*I usually do everything I can to escape reporters, but with two packed bags and an aching kidney that night, I had little choice (the other being to run like a fool along the Ayala/Paseo stretch to escape being interviewed)

The Love Calculator


Wala lang. Naalala ko lang bigla. I was reading Inside Google Desktop's Valentine gadgets post when I suddenly remembered the site (and it's still alive!). I remember the countless J3 minutes/hours spent playing with this then-internet-gem. hehe.

Glubble: Firefox Parental Control

Actually I think Glubble is a lot more than just a parental control. Maybe when I find the time I will test it thoroughly and review it.

For the mean time I'd really recommend this excellent firefox addon specially if you have young kids using the Internet at home.


The best thing (besides the fact that it runs on top of Firefox) is that it's free. And look at that graphics! awww...

Yes We Can Obama Song by

I never thought I'd say this, it must be a great time to be an American.

New Soul

First heard on Apple's Macbook Air ad
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Microsoft Heart Yahoo

It's all over the news/blogs that this is a mere message relay just in case you missed it.

New York Times / TechCrunch / TechMeme / Google News 

Microsoft / Yahoo

Cabling Yarrr

Picked this up from Nikki's Shared items.

Cabling perfection:

and Cabling chaos:

More of the best ones: When data center cabling becomes art
More of the worst ones: Cable Messes: Want Meatballs with that?
and: The worst cable mess ever

Original BoingBoing article: Can Ethernet Cabling Become Art?