Mount Wandering Geek, and A Wedding

First off, this deserves the first line of my post:
Congratulations Frank and Ria!
(sorry we didn't make it to the big day, both mommy
Han and Sam were sick)

Mount Wandering Geek: It's a pretty steep mountain to climb, but I'm going on anyway. See you at the top!

First, a few milestones:
  • Starter template. Hope i can improve on this along the way
  • Powered by feeds! Two things to note: My linkblog feed and the Recent comments feed.
    • LinkBlog - this is an agreggated content of the top 5 recent items in my Link Blog, powered by Google Reader's Shared Items. For those interested in my recent gold finds in the intarweb (hi angel) this is where the action is. Link to the whole link blog is also provided.
    • Recent thoughts - from the most recent comments in my blog, so that you will know where the conversation is happening.
  • A blog roll that is 80% done. Just the pisay contemporaries for now, the rest to follow.
  • Ah, a link to my info page (powered by Google Pages). That page is already months old, now I'm putting it to use, though notice that the URL is still a remnant of my emelgeek days. That would change as soon as I get on working on the new one. For those who are interested in my current commitments, you can find in in my Info page. And that's all I can say for now.
  • A link to my Link Blog, for the whole shebang.
  • And the most important part of whole. One post a week. That's all i can commit for now, taking one step at a time.
  • That's all. Happy New Year!
  • Oh, one more thing, Just so you know, the whole time this blog is dead, I was lurking around your blogs, so i'm up-to-date with the recent happenings. Thanks to Google Reader.