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Mark L. Gamis

Quidquid latine dictum sit altum viditur - "That which is said in Latin sounds profound."

Baby Post

Yeah, tomorrow is the big Day. Smile smile. The full wave of excitement is not yet kicking in. Perhaps I'll start to feel it hours before the actual delivery. The typical Mark -- always a crammer. ;p

Should Baby Sam decide to put off his birthday, on Friday Morning we will be going to the Hospital for induction. Need more of those prayers, guys -- that Mommy Hannah won't have a hard time delivering Sam. So that's it, My son's birthday would either be June 30 or July 1. Just two weeks before our original anniversary. Hah! :D

Okay, list of people to text/call: everyone I can remember. :D I'm thinking of setting up this blog for a minute by minute update on things, starting from the very first occurence of labor. hehe. That's a good idea. let's see..

Wow. Three paragraphs later and now I feel excited (i'm understating that)... Okay. Till later people. Yes che, I won't forget to call/text you. :D Keep that anticipation level high, ok?

Aissa, brings back memories ba? hehe. Pero sana naman malampasan ni 4cm record mo. :p But still, 36 hours? Wow.

The Webmail Competition Redux

Yahoo is almost done integrating the technologies from oddpost into the Yahoo Mail interface (or vice versa). According to CNET, some lucky bastards sorry, beta testers have aready seen a glimpse of things to come in the webmail part ot the Yahoo!verse. I'm hearing drag and drop support (wow), an outlook-like mail preview (which doubles as a giat banner ad when you're not previewing any message - bleh), keyboard shortcuts, address autocomplete, and they say the most important of all: local email caching for a faster response. Now that sounds really familiar. Well anyway, If that doesn't earn Yahoo lots of your love, I don't know what would.

One more thing. A few weeks ago, Yahoo already launched a neat addition to Yahoo Mail - Yahoo Photo Mail. It just sucks that it only works for IE* (booo!) . It's a really neat piece of addition to Yahoo Mail, which makes the fact that it's IE-specific even suck more. But if you're using IE (don't know what version they require) head on to their site and install the necessary stuff that they tell you install (it's easy) and enjoy using it. I did.

*I'm just looking at it as a little consolation for ye IE users out there - for all the hardships that you endure in dealing with all those pop-ups and spyware crap. hehe. :D

Google Earth is Here

It's what you should try when you can't get enough of Google Maps. Amazing piece of sotware (it's Keyhole with the makeover), But not a bit as amazing as the things you'll see with it.

Google Maps gets Closer

Los BaƱos!
(You can see the lower part of Laguna de Bay. The little body of water is the Crocodile lake that Jonas was always talking about back when he was still here in LB)
Mayon Volcano
(Even when under the clouds, you can see the symetry in all the slopes surrounding it)

I'd try to get more views when I get the time later, but if you want (and I bet you would; for those with broadband at least,) you can do your own visit-the-Philippines tour too... the Google Maps way. Here's a good place to start

(Not so) Hot off the press Linux post...

Fedora Core 4 is out! w00t.

As I continue to read more on this news, aparrently mirrors were already populated with the iso's long before the official announcement.. Hmm..Slashdot = slow... :p

The official torrent tracker page
Release Notes


Time management

Recommended web-app for the day:

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Why it's been quiet here lately

  1. I've been in Manila for a few days (I just returned on the 8th)
  2. I'm in a planning stage - trying to start a GTD-based lifestyle without reading the book! (of course, I can always appreciate a loan or even a free one! hint hint..)
  3. The aircon's motor died down last Friday, so the shop was closed until Wednesday.
  4. I was busy reading about this
  5. I was busy watching this. (QuickTime 7 is awesome)
  6. So basically because of the aircon mishap and the need for me to go to Manila (fixed my aunt's and cousin's PC's), my shop routine was disrupted, so I'm taking my time to re-adjust.
  7. It's JUNE, classes will start next week and I'm (sort of) pre-occupied thinking about a kind of back-to-school promotion for the internet shop (any ideas?)
    and lastly, but defini.. ahh, you know how the cliche goes.
  8. Baby Samuel is coming out soon. Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.

On Tuesday Evening

The unthinkable can happen. According to Cnet News, Apple is dumping IBM in favor of Intel. I don't know how true this is, but Cnet is not your typical apple rumor site, so there might be a hint of truth to this. I don't know about you, but on Tuesday night, i'll be watching this space, and hope to be one of the first to hear of how Apple plans to miserably dump or amazingly revolutionize its Macintosh Department. I can also be one of the many who were fooled by Cnet. Either way, I will be one ;)

Did i hear anybody say "(unofficial) MacOS X clone for your intel PC in one year?"