This sucks

So where do we draw the line about this block thing?


  1. Yeah, what block thing?

  2. yeah what block thing? :p

    Leave this emopost be. Sorry for that. :) Unpublishing post in 3,2,1....

  3. Noooooo!

    Akala ko pa man din tungkol sa bagong site design mo. Block things or rounded corners? Lines or curves? Yung TiddlyWiki may mga CSS macro para gumawa ng sparklines at gradients. It's sort of cool.

  4. Hahaha.. kaya nga di ko pa pinaabot sa 0, otherwise pano pa mababasa yung reply ko? hehe. anway, (happily) going to the css bits, i'd definitely take a peek under the hood next time I use tiddlywiki. i haven't touched my version for a long time though. Too much work I guess... :)

  5. Block? CSS? tiddlywiki? getting loster and loster, hehe. Mark! Need to change my blog design. Help?!?


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