Firefox 3 (slickness) in a nutshell

On one hand, I've been dying to review this slick, major update to Firefox. On the other hand, I'm trying not to spoil the surprise for those who'd rather use this in its final form.... hmmm. Compromise. Firefox 3 Beta 4 in 107520 pixels...

Firefox 3 

Can't wait? Grab the latest beta installer from Mozilla.


  1. On cue: I just installed this!

  2. hahah. on cue??

    Musta niks? (FF3 - FF2) > (FF2 - FF1) ano?

  3. Haven't used it enough, but I'm liking the default widgets.. =p Hindi tulad ng FF2, nag-i-install pa ako ng Winestripe (theme for FF1.5 look&feel).. hehehe

  4. Ha ha I have had it for a month (ewan kung eto nga yun pero Firefox 3. Thing is, Tori (PC) is being funky di ba so I have not really used it. Can you figure out how to clean up the download manager, though? Ayaw magdelete for me!

  5. A month? hehe. hindi ako naglagay nyan ha...

    CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE, then make sure download history is CHECKED (and the things that you don't want to reset UNCHECKED), and hit Clear Private Data Now. That should work.

  6. Went back to Firefox 2 -- our project's site is broken in Firefox 3! (well, not really broken, but some weird stuff is (not) happening, making it harder to use the site.. can't really say where the problem is..)


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